Longkong Lanzones

Longkong Lanzones from Thailand is the most expensive fruit in the world today. Its price ranges from P350 to P600 per kilo, so much higher than our local Paete Lanzones which costs only P60 to P100 per kilo.
A bunch of seedless, sweet and latex-free Longkong fruit weighs 1/2 to 2 kilos. This variety can be grown locally as proven by those who planted several years ago.

Longkong grows faster than Paete and bears fruits after 5 years when grafted; compared to Paete which bear fruits only after 7 years or even more from the date of planting.
Existing Paete lonzones and even the sour Jolo variety can be transformed to Longkong through topworking and inarching.

Unproductive shoots or watersprout on big trunk that are often removed because they become liabilities to the tree, can be grafted with Longkong scion. In just two years, the grafted scion will bear high quality Longkong fruits. While Paete lanzones thrives best in partially shaded areas, Longkong can be planted without shading provided that there is adequate irrigation especially during summer.

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