Chokanan Mango

Chokanan (Chooke Anan) - this is one of the most popular varieties grown in Thailand and Malaysia for local and export market. It is one of the sweetest mangoes in the world and its average weight is 0.5 kilo per fruit. A ripe fruit of this variety is referred to as Mangga Madu or Honey mango because of its almost similar taste of honey. Green-mango fanciers also favor this variety because it does not taste too sour like our Carabao mango. Because of its thick skin, it does not spoil easily and it is resistant to pests and diseases.
     The flowers of Chokanan could tolerate adverse weather condition. It could also withstand the attack of pests and diseases that spraying of insecticide and fungicide need not be as intensive as in Carabao mango. Chokanan could be substituted for Carabao mango during rainy or off-season

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  1. where can i buy the seedlings? is it available in luzon area?