Raising Quails - Pugo


Quails by some distinction are classified as “game-hunting” birds and as such, quails should not be compared with chicken, whose requirements are different. On a commercial scale, quail raising has not attracted the interest of the investors because of the lack of data particularly with regards to feeding. Many people who go into quail raising are usually hobbyist who are not income-conscious.

How to Grow Bermuda Grass from Seed

Bermuda grass is the most common grass used on golf courses today. It forms a thick grassbed and it is very resistant to wear and tear. It grows low to the ground, meaning you’ll have to mow less. Although some see Bermuda grass as a threat to lawns, Bermuda lawns are sought after by others. It was once only available as sod, but now many companies offer Bermuda seeds so you can grow it from scratch Instructions

1. Determine if Bermuda grass is a good choice for your lawn. Bermuda grows well in very warm weather, but has difficulty growing in central and northern states. It should be planted in the late spring or early summer when the temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit for several weeks.