Mangosteen Fruit Tree

Mangosteen is regarded as 'queen of tropical fruits' with unlimited export marker because of being a health fruit. One of the few fruit trees that do not require spraying against pests and disease is Mangosteen. This is because no serious pests and diseases have been observed to attack this tree. Borers sometimes attack the fruit but because of its thick rind, the borers do not reach the edible portion.

Mangosteen is often sold as P120 per kilo, and since there is not much competition, the price does not usually drop during the peak season. This also yields bountiful harvest. As Dr. Pablito Pamplona of the University of Southern Mindanao says, there are mangosteen trees that yield about 200 to 300 kilos per tree.

Chokanan Mango

Chokanan (Chooke Anan) - this is one of the most popular varieties grown in Thailand and Malaysia for local and export market. It is one of the sweetest mangoes in the world and its average weight is 0.5 kilo per fruit. A ripe fruit of this variety is referred to as Mangga Madu or Honey mango because of its almost similar taste of honey.

Longkong Lanzones

Longkong Lanzones from Thailand is the most expensive fruit in the world today. Its price ranges from P350 to P600 per kilo, so much higher than our local Paete Lanzones which costs only P60 to P100 per kilo.
A bunch of seedless, sweet and latex-free Longkong fruit weighs 1/2 to 2 kilos. This variety can be grown locally as proven by those who planted several years ago.

Durian Fruit Tree (Durio zibethinus)


Durian (Durio zibethinus) is an attractive
evergreen tree with pyramidal to dome shape form. If grown from seedling, it can grow up to 45 meters in height while from cultivars the maximum height can be up to 15 meters. Its fruit is generally believed to have an aphrodisiac effect, which adds to its popularity among Asians.

Luz Calamansi

The Luz calamansi is a fast grower, prolific and is much juicier than the native variety. Moreover, it has only two seeds compared to native calamansi which has 12 seeds. The Luz calamansi variety is ideal for container growing and bears fruits continuously throughout the year.